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Why a FuNctional/Alternative Medical Center?

So many people come to the office having already seen doctor after doctor - and they still have no answers.

No direction.

Very often they feel no better after taking prescribed medications. In fact, too often they feel worse.

For over 25 years Dr. Leder has applied her invaluable experience,  her extensive knowledge, and an in-depth investigative approach in a uniquely compassionate way to give her patients new insight, new direction and a new plan for better living, looking forward to healthier, happier future.

The benefits of this kind of this detailed and comprehensive review and top-to-toe revitalization will last a lifetime.

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From your first 10 minute consultation or initial visit,  you know this is not like visiting your traditional doctor.

A note received from one of our patients:

Dr. Leder -
A few lines to say: I appreciate you. - Doctors, I’ve come across many, but none as real and unique as you - you care and you show it. Thank you, for treating the person I am as well as the patient you see before you - For that I appreciate you and I thank you - I thank G-d and the angels for guiding and lighting my path to you and ask blessings for you now and always.    

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In our patients own words...

Dear Dr. Leder,
I want to thank you for helping and properly diagnosing my daughter. It has been such a hard time for her and heartbreaking for me. I have gone with her to so many doctors without any relief of her issues. I know G-d has used you to help her. — DM